The rule of KAWANAKAJIMA/81Game

Let’s watch&read the rule of KAWANAKAJIMA/ 81Game!

Rule of KAWANAKAJIMA/81games are very very similar to rule of YAMAKAN/41game.

You can tell those rules are almost the same.

So,you’d better learn rule of YAMAKAN/41Game at first then let’s play KAWANAKAJIMA/81Game with your family and friends!

Rule : Movie

Rule : Movie
YAMAKAN/41Game Ver.
How to move a ball



①It is commonly played by 2 players.

 ※You can play this up to four people.

   When anybody can not take a ball,

   a person with many balls which he 

   took is a winner at last.

  ※We explain how to play as if It would

     have be played for two.

②You have to take 1ball anywhere 

   you’d like.

※You can NOT take a white ball 

    When you start playing!!

※We explain in two play use.

2:Get a ball !

①Place one of the other Black balls into the space left at [1] by skipping it over one of Black balls next to the space.

②This can only be done in either a horizontal or vertical direction and Not diagonally.

The Black ball that has been skipped must be removed from the playing area.

③The black ball skipped at [2] must be removed from the playing area to a space outside. Then a ball was removed will be a point to the player.

④White balls are special.Those balls are different from black balls.

※You can use the captured white balls.Only a white ball,Not a black ball You can set a white ball on the empty space where you’d like in your turn.So,you can get not only 1black ball but you can get black balls continuously using by a white ball.

※You can NOT get a white ball by other white ball.

3:Getting continuously

①At first, you can get only one ball,

  But you can get more and more balls 

  in your one turn while a game of 

   playing this advances.

 *There will be more empty spaces in advance. 

②So you can get more than 1 black ball 

    in one your turn while a game of playing

   this advances.

4:How to use a White Ball

White balls are special balls which are different from Black balls.

※You can place the white balls you have taken in the empty space you’d like in your one turn.

So,you can get not only 1black ball but you can get black balls continuously using by a white ball.

※You can NOT get a white ball by other white ball!

※You can stop getting balls for your strategy even if you can get more.

(It’ll be next person’s turn as usual when you stop getting black balls.)


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