These games are born in more than 450 years ago!

What’s our game
the 41Game/Yamakan &
81Game/The Battles of Kawanakajima ?!

Here comes Japanese real Jumanji !

Created & Produced By Tsunaki KUWASHIMA (From kaibutsu)

Here comes the real Japanese “Jumanji” !

Have you heard the place KAJIKAZAWA in Japan?

About 70years ago, a wood-board was found in an old warehouse in Japan. Man who found that thought this wood-board was buried and hidden by Kansuke YAMAMOTO in about 450 years earlier.Because man who found it was a kind of descendant !

Ooops! Don’t  you know  Kansuke YAMAMOTO?!

He was the legendary commander and lived in the warring states period of Japan.

How about Shingen TAKEDA?

Check the men A.S.A.P,if you don’t know yet.

 Anyway,Kansuke must be use this board as a tool to create strategies to win wars!

So,all the stories have begun.

Check out this story on our site!

Do you know Kansuke YAMAMOTO?

He is commonly called “YAMAKAN”.

It is said the game that was made by  Kansuke YAMAMOTO.

He was not just Samurai,but is the legendary strategist of Shingen TAKEDA who is one of the most popular Samurai =

“Sengoku Busho” at Yamanashi Pref. in Japan.

It is said that Kansuke Yamamoto used to work out his strategy of “Kassen(war)” using the games and he took these games out with him when he went to Kassen War.Must be,he took out them to The Battles of Kawanakajima too.

Yamakan/41game Board

It’s said that this game-board made by Kansuke YAMAMOTO.

(The truth or falsehood is not sure.)

Shingen TAKEDA

Known as the “Tiger of Kai”

The battles of Kawanakajima that is called commonly just only  “Kawanakajima” is battles of ShingenTakeda who was known as the “Tiger of KaiVS Kenshin Uesugi who was known as the “Dragon of Echigo.So,Those battles became one of “the most cherished tales in Japanese military history”.

Therefore,this games are easy-playable anywhere.

It doesn’t matter how shape balls are, how big balls are.

You need the numbers of squares and balls(41 balls or 81 balls).

You can take in history of these games’s 500 years and the wisdom of the Japanese genius military commander by playing this game!

Kenshin UESUGI

Known as the “Dragon of Echigo”

Woodblock print.Artwork by Utagawa Hiroshige (1845)

The Battles of Kawanakajima became one of “the most cherished tales in Japanese military history”.

About The Battles of Kawanakajima
(a.k.a KAWANAKA/81Game)


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